Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation Rhode Island

Brenda Ferry Law represents clients for a multitude of serious work injuries, illnesses, and chronic afflictions. Here are common types of workplace accident cases:

  • Overexertion: Pushing, pulling, lifting, holding, carrying, throwing — almost any manner of movement can subject employees to exertion that goes beyond what the body may perform without consequence. Overexertion can easily result in back injuries. Your back is central to movement across most of your body, and thus injuries to the area can be debilitating.


  • Slipping and Falling: While employees are expected to be aware of where they step and not to move too quickly or carelessly, this burden becomes unreasonable after a certain point. When the floor of a workplace is not kept dry and clear of debris to a reasonable standard, a slip is almost inevitable.


  • Falling to Lower Levels: For those working in construction, such incidents are especially common. Whether falling from a ladder or slipping off of a roof, these falls are scary and can incapacitate victims for months.


  • Falling Objects: Warehouses full of loose objects or coworkers with lax grips are a danger to work around. Objects often fall faster than a nearby worker can react adequately to, which may result in head or foot injuries, among other afflictions.


  • Vehicle Accidents: We have represented many clients whose jobs require extensive driving, which broadly expands the possibility of automobile accidents. If the drive was for any purposes relating to the company that employs the worker, the accident can be considered a workplace injury.


  • Repetitive Motion: Injuries resulting from repetitive motions are typically gradual, and may not be noticed by the worker for some time. Carpal tunnel, for example, is chronic pain and cramps in the hand that usually occurs due to typing excessively for years. Although this may not seem serious, it can have severe consequences on a person’s ability to work.


  • Exposure to Dangerous Substances: Those who work in industrial buildings especially may find that they have developed illnesses due to some of the chemicals they have been exposed to over the years. Asbestos is a well-known example of exposure to dangerous material that can cause illness (in the case of asbestos, that illness is a form of cancer known as mesothelioma).

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