Child Visitation Disputes

Visitation Disputes in Rhode Island

Visitation, also called custodial time sharing, is a plan for how parents will share time with their children. In Rhode Island, either parent may have custody or parents may share custody of their children. In the event that sole custody is awarded to one parent, the non-custodial parent can work out a visitation agreement in order to ensure that he or she can still maintain their relationship with their child and be involved in his or her life.

Are you interested in establishing a visitation agreement, enforcing your visitation rights or modifying an existing agreement regarding visitation? Rhode Island lawyer Brenda L. Ferry may be able to help.

Attempting to resolve these matters on your own can lead to a less than desirable outcome that involves limited or nonexistent visitation rights, or visitation awarded when you believe it should not be.

The Law Offices of Brenda L. Ferry assist both custodial and non-custodial parents in visitation matters throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts. We also assist parents who are considering divorce or legal separation in resolving these matters either through negotiation or courtroom litigation.

Regardless of your particular issue involving visitation, our firm offers a free initial consultation to discuss what Attorney Ferry can do to help.