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Divorce Mediation in Rhode Island

Couples who mediate their divorce settlement end up better off financially and emotionally than husbands and wives who fight and litigate their settlement in court, and their children fare better emotionally as a result of the reduced anger and hostility between their parents. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consult an attorney about your divorce. If you have questions or concerns, you should. As part of our client orientation and in our Agreement to Mediate both parties are advised to consult with an attorney if they need legal advice or to review their proposed settlement. It’s simply that couples who actively participate in the decision have greater control over the outcome and in turn, their future. And because they’re in control of the results they’re more likely to stick to the terms of their agreement in the long run.

What divorce mediation will cover:

  • For a set fee, the mediator, Brenda L. Ferry, Esq., will sit with the parties and review the DR-6 forms with the parties to determine assets and debt.
  • She will come up with a children and parenting plan.
  • She will come up with a child and martial support plan.
  • She will type the agreement into a martial property settlement agreement, which can be presented to the court.
  • The fee includes all meetings; no matter how many there need to be.

Please contact attorney Brenda L. Ferry to schedule a divorce mediation consultation today. 401.572.3919